disinfection chamber in response to world trends
in the field of disinfection

Effective solution sanitary station

dedicated for:

  • offices
  • workplaces
  • medical facilities
  • shopping malls
  • cultural and educational institutions
  • places of public interest
Disinfection chamber - MAXimus

In the fight against COVID19 sanitary station

The device is designed to disinfect people with the disinfectant recommended by theWHO

disinfection chamber sanitary station


  • mask You may only enter the disinfection chamber with a protective mask.
  • entry You can only enter the chamber if the green light is on. After entering the cabin, you must position yourself in the middle of the chamber
  • aplication blinking red light indicates start of disinfectant application
  • move Lift hands up and turn palms during application.
  • exit A green light signal again indicates the end of the application. If you experience any discomfort during disinfection, leave the cabin immediately.
disinfection chamber - MAXimus
disinfection chamber - MAXimus

Modern system sanitary station

  • external dimensions of the chamber: 970 X 1325 X 2465 MM (LNGHT. X WDTH. X HGHT.)
  • power supply 230 V, 50HZ
  • power: 120 W, 10 A
  • agent: disinfectant
  • procedure time: programmable (5-20 seconds recommended)
  • agent use: 1 litre / 200 - 400 seconds (depending on sprinkler mode)
  • device works automatically: photocell
  • where to use: inside the building - with ability to adapt the chamber to use externally

MX-HOSPITAL disinfection cabin version for hospitals