The company MAXimus s.c. is a producer of medical devices

mainly cryochambers, devices for dry baths in carbon dioxide or ozone, as well as pneumatic inhalation stands, couches, medical ladders and screens.

Our products are characterized by innovation, high quality, contained in an eye-catching stylish modern housing (ISO 9001 Certificate). A modern computer control system guarantees the possibility of individual adjustment of treatment parameters and the possibility of insight in the history of treatments.

Our leading products are: AMAZING MX-4 cryogenic chamber, Chamber for dry baths in carbon dioxide (CO2) or ozone (O3) TOWER MX-1 and MAGIC BRINE MX-ip10 Inhalation stand characterized by high economy and stylish workmanship.

The company MAXimus s.c. is a producer of medical devices, cryochambers, disinfection chambers

Our company

As a manufacturer of medical devices, she applied one of the very important aspects of the new philosophy that a medical device should not cause the patient’s shape, form and exercise of additional stress to the patient, but on the contrary – relieve this stress.

With the appropriate measuring and research equipment and many years of experience in the field of medical device construction, we perform periodic inspections in accordance with the Medical Devices Act according to PN-EN 62353 standards