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Our passion and knowledge allows us to provide our clients with innovative and innovative solutions based on achievements in the field of rehabilitation and technology.

Our experience in the implementation of modern medical devices allows us to understand the needs of our partners, focus on matters important to them and offer them tailored solutions. We combine the highest quality and support in the implementation of our technologies, thanks to which our partners obtain products with new properties and numerous competitive advantages.

What ailments can be cured in the cryochamber?

Due to its numerous properties, the cryochamber can be used in the treatment of such diseases as: overload and post-traumatic muscle changes, overload and post-traumatic changes in the joints (knee, elbow, ankle, spinal joints), neurological disorders (multiple sclerosis, spastic paresis), periarticular inflammation , immune diseases.

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Cryochambers - Maximus

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MAXimus c.p. is a maker of modern medical equipment. Among our products are: cryochambers, Dry bath carbon dioxide or ozone equipment, inhalation stands, furniture for medical facilities and medicinal water pump rooms.

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We offer cabinet, home and medical furniture.