TOWER MX-1 device carbon dioxide and ozone baths

TOWER MX-1 - Cryochambers MAXimus

Two baths in one device

The device for dry baths in carbon dioxide or ozone, TOWER MX-1, allows for complete dry baths (excluding the head), thanks to which it affects the systemic and peripheral circulation of the body, giving much better therapeutic effects, unlike dry baths of the lower limbs, which only affect the peripheral circulation.


The device works automatically, has an intuitive and extensive menu with a treatment counter. The chamber for dry carbonic or ozone baths is equipped with a microprocessor system for controlling and controlling the treatment, i.e. CO2 dose, ozone concentration, treatment time, temperature ranging from 25 ° C to 40 ° C. Dry carbonic acid baths (in carbon dioxide) are a treatment reimbursed by the National Health Fund and are included in the treatment with the use of natural raw materials.

  • disinfection: automatic
  • treatment duration: 10 minutes

Functions and technical data:

  • Carbon dioxide bathing system
  • Ozone bathing system
  • Music therapy system
  • Chromotherapy system
  • A 15" touchscreen control panel
  • Main power supply 230v 50Hz
  • Fully automated treatment process
  • Sound notification at treatment end
  • Quick and effective treatment chamber sealing
  • Controlled CO2 removal