CRYOCHAMBERunique device in its class


Designed for small rehabilitation centres, clinics or home use, the Amazing single-person cryochamber is an example of using sophisticated technology to optimise cryogenic treatment.

The small size of the chamber makes it ideal for small or already developed rooms. Due to its construction it is extremely effcient. It quickly reaches the treatment temperature with little use of liquid nitrogen.

This is a unique device in its class. It’s designed to make cryogenic treatment a pleasure, not a duty. It has a modern design, streamlined shapes give it lightness, and the technology installed makes the device maintain an even temperaturę to the neck.

Singleperson Cryochamber MAXIMUS Singleperson Cryochamber MAXIMUS
Single person Cryochamber AMAZING
Single person Cryochamber - MAXimus


  • The AMAZING MX-4CP cryogenic chamber is a Class IIa medical device pursuant to the Medical Devices Act of 20 May 2010 (Journal of Laws of 2010 No. 107, item 679 as amended) implementing the provisions of the Medical Directive 93/42/EEC.
  • Cryochamber is in many respects an innovative solution introducing a new standard of cryogenic chamber solution.
  • The source of cold in the cryogenic chamber is liquid nitrogen, supplied from an external cryogenic tank. Cryogenic tanks available on the market have different capacities and sizes, and their choice depends mainly on the number of treatments provided, i.e. the amount of gas consumption.
  • The cryogenic tank and the installation connecting the cryochamber to the tank are not included in the scope of delivery of the cryochamber.


The design of the device is part of the philosophy of our product line. The device should look modern in order to reduce patient’s anxiety related to the treatment.

The cryochamber menu is clear, contrasting and designed to be readable in all lighting conditions. Different icon colours indicate the process the cryo-chamber undertakes, and the displayed animations illustrate its progress.

Single person Cryochamber - MAXimus


Built on the basis of twenty years of cryotherapy experience, it allows for fast, effective treatments at a constant temperature down to the neck. The materials used in the construction make it strong and solid.

Small size is an advantage, but not an obstacle. The upholstery is a special material that insulates walls from the cold, making even an accidental touch during the treatment does not end in discomfort.

  • Height 2480 mm or 2100mm
  • Width 1610mm/1100 mm
  • Length 1460 mm/2210mm
  • Mass of the cryo-chamber with the patient 260 +/- 340 kg
  • Patient height 150 +/- 200 cm


Simple to use, intuitive, built with the idea that its shape and form will evoke positive feelings in patients of all ages.

Simple to use, intuitive, built with the idea that its shape and form will evoke positive feelings in patients of all ages.

The cryo-chamber can also be used by athletes and athletes preparing for competitions. To test the device we invited players from Invictus sports club, which organizes trainings of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. After the procedure, the athletes went for kinesitherapy.

Single person Cryochamber - MAXimus



Single person Cryochamber - MAXimus

The Cryochamber is also dedicated to athletes from every feld of professional and amateur sports for biological regeneration and optimal preparation for the competition.

It is characterized by low operating costs, a relatively small area necessary for installation and the possibility of performing treatments for people suffering from claustrophobia. In our chamber, the head is outside the cold area and the patient has visual contact with the surroundings all the time


  • Number of patients 1 person
  • Operating temperature range -100 - -160 °C
  • Coolant Liquid nitrogen
  • Treatment time up to 3 min.
  • Cooldown time 4 - 10 min.
  • Maximum time interval between the successive screenings 2 min
  • Liquid consumption during treatments ~ 1 - 1.5 kg/min
  • Liquid consumption during cooling down ~ 7 - 10 kg