cryochambercreated on the basis of our many years experience

Multiperson cryochamber - MAXimus

Cryochamber AMAZING MX-4

New design 2021

Available colors:

The AMAZING MX-4CP cryochamber is an authorial solution of our company. It was created on the basis of our many years of research and experience and based on the needs of our customers. The use of modern technological solutions such as the „cold buffer” system and the „cooling optimization” system signifcantly optimizes the operating costs of the cryochamber without losing the quality of treatment parameters.

Contrary to traditional types of cryochamber, the temperature in our solution is from - 120 ° C to –160 ° C in less than 10 minutes, which is a technological revolution and signifcantly influences the economic aspect of the user.

The device is manufactured in standard dimensions as well as individually tailored to the customer’s needs. The outer casing of the cryochamber is fnished in any color, while maintaining its modern design.

Multiperson cryochamber - MAXimus

Intuitive control

The cryochamber menu is clear, contrasting and designed to be readable in all lighting conditions. Different icon colours indicate the process the cryo-chamber undertakes, and the displayed animations illustrate its progress.

This is a unique device in its class, designed to make cryogenic treatment a pleasure, not a chore. It has a modern design (streamlined shapes make it light).

cryochamber menu

Virtual tour of the cryochamber room

Model of the Cryochamber room

Multiperson cryochamber - MAXimus


  • temperature: from – 120°C to -160°C
  • capacity: 2-6 person
  • fit: Indywidually adjusted to the local conditions
  • cold buffer: Cold buffer system - cold buffering without blowing into the treatment chamber during breaks between treatments
  • economy: Low operating costs

Functions and parameters:

  • The cryochamber consists of a pre-chamber booth, and, the main chamber, including technical facilities
  • Main power supply: 230v 50-60Hz 2,8kW
  • Cryochamber adapted to individual local conditions
  • Controlled by a 15" touchscreen
  • Power supply based on heat-exchange system.
  • The floor of the pre-chamber booth and the main chamber on even levels
  • Built with isolating walls and covered with a ceiling
  • The inside walls and the floor made of wood
  • Working substance - liquid nitrogen (N2)
  • Main chamber temperature adjustable between -110°C and -160°C
  • The floor in both the main chamber and the pre-chamber booth made of non-slip material
  • Treatment time adjustable between 1 and 3 minutes
  • The "Cold Buffer" system buffers cold without blowing air into the main chamber between treatments
Multiperson cryochamber - MAXimus
Multiperson cryochamber - MAXimus
  • Drying time adjustable between 3 and 5 hours
  • Voice communication between the patient and the staff
  • temperature, and time of the treatment, as well as date, visible on the touchscreen
  • Temperature measured by independent sensors located on different heights. The measurement results are presented on the touchscreen
  • Treatment counter
  • An electronic system allows to keep a cooled down cryochamber in stand-by mode, while keeping the temperature down between -60°C and -100°C
  • Treatment history available on the touchscreen
  • Automatic and maintenence-free cryochamber drying system
  • A prompt system informing about correct and incorrect treatment parameters (treatment start and finish, cooling down start and finish)
  • Entry door made of tempered glass
  • Treatment chamber fitted with panoramic, heated window allowing for eye-contact of the patient with the staff
  • Automatic, electronic temperature recirculation system evening the temperatures of the top and bottom parts of the treatment chamber

The Polish National Football Teamtrusted us, using the cryochamberduring EURO 2016.

Our cryochamber in the mobile version was created for the needs of the Polish National Football Team and was used by them during the preparations and the Euro 2016 tournament in France.

Designed for training camps and sports tournaments, it serves as a modern form of biological regeneration and supports the treatment of micro-injuries.

Its advantage is undoubtedly its size (5-6 people) and short (from 4 minutes) cooling time to the temperature of –160 ° C and constant temperatures at all heights of the treatment room.

Multiperson cryochamber - MAXimus
Mobile cryochamber - MAXimus